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At Igea Ambiental we work with the objective of making all our projects sustainable and thus improving the efficiency of our clients when defining environmental objectives and proposals


Activities / Services

IGEA Ambiental

landscaping and gardening

Development of integral gardening projects in urban parks or newly created green environments. Development of landscape integration projects in urban and peri-urban areas.

Environmental impact studies

Identification, evaluation and description of the impacts that a project can create in the environment. Establishment of the actions to be applied before, during and after the execution of the construction works.

hydrology and geology

Design and calculation of irrigation and sanitation networks. Drafting of the geological and geotechnical annex for the geological and mechanical characterization of a soil prior to the execution of a building structure.

Civil Engineering

Project drafting and management of the construction works that define the projects. Extensive experience in Environmental Engineering. We take part in large projects as a technical assistance on the environmental side.

road survey, smart civil engineering

Civil Engineering contributes to the comprehensive process of study and data collection to understand and evaluate the characteristics, condition and performance of roads. See more

Over 20 years of experience in environmental engineering

IGEA Ambiental is formed by a group of professionals with a broad curriculum in environmental and in all other areas of civil engineering.

Our specialization in sustainable engineering has made us the best choice for customers looking for “more than an engineering project or construction work”.

Some of our clients

Our work


Landscape integration and improvement project at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid (Spain)

Cerro de la Higueruela wind farm

Environmental impact study for the Cerro de la Higueruela wind farm project (Malaga, Spain)


Landscape integration and mobility improvement projects in an urban environment at the Roma park in Alcalá de Henares (Spain)

Chorrillo PARK

Impact study for the creation of a pedestrian walkway in an urban environment, at the Chorrillo Park in Alcalá de Henares (Spain)

sercotel valladolid

Environmental impact study for the construction of the Sercotel Hotel in Valladolid (Spain)

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“At IGEA Ambiental we have been providing sustainable solutions with the environment to all our clients for more than 20 years”

- Eduardo Vázquez (CEO IGEA Ambiental)